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As investment fiduciaries we utilize diversified investment solutions

The only certainty in the financial markets is that they are uncertain.  For most investors and households this may cause intimidation and frustration when it comes to investing for the future. 

Our job at Plotkin Financial Advisors (PFA) is to alleviate this concern, bring clarity to the investment process and define investment success as it relates to your goals, objectives and asset management.

Our investment process starts with a comprehensive financial plan, which articulates how we are to tailor your investments for you and your household.

After we craft the plan, we benchmark and select investment strategies with performance objectives aligned to meet your goals.


Investments customized for you

Some of the questions we ask prior to investing and seek to answer include:

  • What are your short and long-term goals?
  • What are your performance objectives and income need?
  • How much income can my assets produce?
  • Who is the money for and how will it be used?
  • Do the underlying investments offer the correct risk-reward balance?
  • Are the investments tax efficient?

As an asset management firm, we fully analyze your answers and our research to these questions to meet your needs when they arise.  That said, most goal-oriented investing revolves around protecting what you have, optimizing portfolio income, and growing your assets to protect against inflation. 

Your risk tolerance and stage in life will dictate what investment allocation makes the most sense for you. 

Our investment committee and financial advisors have identified investment vehicles, managers, and programs that can help each investor best meet their goals.  

Plotkin Financial Asset Management

Driven investing

As your investment advisor, it is important to know that our goals are aligned with yours.  It is through this collaboration that we strive to find the best investments to help you achieve your goals. 

Our clients do not pay transaction fees for their investments, and we structure portfolios to reduce the burdens of excessive income tax liabilities through tax efficient investing.  The goal of this strategy is better overall returns and more productive portfolios for our clients.  

As investment fiduciaries, we have the responsibility to offer you unbiased solutions when it comes to investing.  This level of commitment and service separates us from our competitors and provides you a comprehensive solution when it comes to growing and managing your money.   

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our investment advisory solutions and asset management services.

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