Retirement Income Planning

Do you have a retirement plan? ​

If not, these are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • When can I retire?
  • What will retirement look like?
  • How much can I afford to spend and not run out of money?
  • Will I be OK?
Retirement planning with plotkin Financial


Our formula for Retirement Income Planning seeks to answer these questions and can be broken down into the following steps catered to you:

  1. “Bucket list” and goal review
  2. Expense analysis to solve for income needs (today and in the future)
  3. Strategize the optimal time to claim Social Security and how this may impact your lifetime benefit
  4. Incorporate pension planning and survivor benefits if applicable
  5. Analyze the income potential of your investment accounts
  6. Integrate a team of CPAs to prepare tax projections to anticipate retirement tax liabilities. Put simply, what your after-tax income will look like. Yes, we incorporate tax planning
  7. Address legacy and estate planning needs
  8. Implement our recommendations and retire!

How it all works…

In our comprehensive planning process, we analyze your projected expenditures and determine what is the optimal way to “turn on” the income across your portfolio and eligible benefits. 

Unique to our strategy is we integrate a Team of CPA’s that prepare tax projections to show what your income will look like after-taxes AND devise a strategy to mitigate current and future tax liabilities. 

Critical to Retirement Income Planning is how you optimize income across your retirement and non-retirement investment accounts. The expenditures not covered by Social Security and Pension(s) create a “GAP” in your cash flow. 

Proper investment planning seeks to fill this income “GAP” and not deplete your portfolio. Our investment committee aligns our retiree’s portfolios to meet both current income needs and protect against long-term inflation through capital appreciation (growth) strategies.

Finally, we circle back to your goals and ensure all your hard work meets these objectives. Simply put, successful planning is implementing the recommended strategies and meeting your goals. 

And to help safeguard this we carefully and routinely review your financial plan, estate plan and legacy considerations.  

Retirement income planning with plotkin Financial
retirement income planning

Getting started

Our team of advisors will work with you through retirement so that you can have assurance you are properly preparing for retirement

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