Fiduciary Compliance

A Retirement Plan Advisor You Can Rely On
The choice of a retirement plan advisor is not one to be taken lightly. With future Social Security benefits uncertain and life expectancy increasing, defined contribution plans will be  the main source of income for tomorrow’s retirees. With a Plotkin advised retirement plan providing personal, professional investment guidance and lower investment fees, you can also build employee loyalty and strengthen morale.

Meeting Every Legal Standard
Plan Sponsor fiduciary duties require the highest standard of care. Unfortunately, many Plan Sponsors are often unaware of requirements, uninformed on details, or fail to keep up with changing requirements and laws. Failure to meet the standards can result in financial losses, fines, and even lawsuits. Plotkin Retirement Advisors together with its network of partners will help you meet Department of Labor (DOL) requirements from monitoring and testing to adjusting.

Make It Easy…
A Plotkin advised retirement plan allows plan participants to log in to their accounts at any time to make changes. This instant access to investment choices gives participants ultimate flexibility in their retirement account. Stock market fluctuation, marriages, home purchases, and other significant events don’t follow a rigid schedule, why should your investment choices?

…And Make It Flexible
The new hire in the mail room has different financial needs, risk tolerances and goals than the senior level manager that’s a few years away from retirement. We’re here for all of your employees.

Be Reasonable With Fees
Many retirement plans charge expenses as high as 3% annually. Why? Because they are typically designed by insurance companies, brokers and large mutual fund companies. Plotkin Retirement Advisors offers a free, no cost/no obligation review of your current plan. Send us your 408(b(2) Disclosure Notice/Summary Annual Report and Schedule of Assets. Find out how we may be able to help you improve your current plan.

Encourage Participation – The Four ‘I”s
Does your current plan do anything special to encourage participation and reap the associated rewards? We call them the Four “I’s… four reasons that high participation rates are good for your company and employees.

  • Improve Morale: When your staff knows that with every investment they’re securing their retirement, morale goes up
  • Increase Productivity: Happy employees are more productive employees
  • Incentivize Employees: Get increased participation rates through gamification
  • Insulate from Regulatory Scrutiny: Fiduciary responsibility is offloaded, limiting your fiduciary risk

No Single Fund Family Has The Best Options in Every Category
Our fund suite consists of some of the best mutual funds and ETFs in each category as benchmarked against the fi360 metrics. fi360 is an industry-leading tool for designing and monitoring retirement plans.

*To learn more about the fi360 concept, visit

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No Cost, No Obligation Review

Let us evaluate your current plan. Request an evaluation by sending us your 408(b)(2) Disclosure Notices/Summary Annual Report and Schedule of Assets.

Reviews typically take 5 business days.