Convenience and Ease of Use

First and Foremost: Convenience and Simplicity
Along with our network of partners, Plotkin Financial Advisors’ solutions minimize the limitations of enrollment/fund selection windows. We take the burden off your Human Resources staff and we provide personal, live support when you or your employees need assistance. Taken all together, the Plotkin Retirement Advisors solution provides incredible benefit to all participants.

An Easy, Seamless Conversion
With Plotkin Retirement Advisors by your side, every step of your retirement plan setup is carefully managed. Our oversight means that completion and all required tasks are held to a time line, and we’re always available to you and your employees. In fact, you’ll typically be in contactwith a single representative that knows all the details and requirements for your organization.

Eliminate the Burden on HR
With Plotkin Retirement Advisors providing personal oversight of your employees’ retirement plan needs, your company’s HR department is freed from the complex and time consuming duty of annual enrollment paperwork, notifications and management.

360° Integration with Payroll
The retirement plans that Plotkin advises are integrated with most payroll services, meaning you and your employees are covered from every angle. You’ll be assisted with  everything from setting up direct deposit of paychecks to retirement investment strategies.

Technology Improves The Process
Unlike the competition’s legacy-based approach, Plotkin Retirement Advisors embraces technology to enhance the retirement plan platform. It simply works better – and better fits the needs of the users.

  • Secure, accurate and up-to-date account information is available at any time
  • Mobile access to portfolios and account balances
  • 24-hour anywhere/anytime access to your account from a computer or mobile device
  • Updates of trade and account information at close of every market business day

Let Us Handle the Details
Compliance testing, record keeping, plan administration… These required tasks are typically a strain on the staff of a small business, and failure to follow ever-changing regulations and deadlines can create significant headaches for even the best company-administered programs. When you have a Plotkin advised retirement plan, all those challenges are eliminated. Our clients enjoy:

  • Daily valuation record keeping
  • Mutual fund trade processing
  • Contribution processing
  • Loan and distribution processing
  • Vesting and eligibility tracking
  • Complete compliance testing
  • Signature-ready Form 5500 preparation
  • Balance Forward valuation record keeping

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No Cost, No Obligation Review

Let us evaluate your current plan. Request an evaluation by sending us your 408(b)(2) Disclosure Notices/Summary Annual Report and Schedule of Assets.

Reviews typically take 5 business days.