Our Financial Services

At Plotkin Financial Advisors our core model is designed to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management solutions for all of our clients. A strong set of values and goals is infused into every client relationship as we listen to clients to learn what is important to them, and we ask questions based on our experience and insight.

In our planning process, we review current financial plans and provide written opinions about these plans in which we identify areas that have the potential for significant improvement. From our analysis, we develop plans to provide investment and asset allocation recommendations, simplify your finances, and help you achieve your goals. With complexity and change in the world, we offer simple financial solutions for you and your family.
Our Services include:

  • Financial Planning

    Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC, implements a customized approach to financial planning that focuses on helping you clarify your goals, plan for the future, and build a legacy. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning, we believe it is important to address and discuss your planning needs in the following areas:

    • Investment planning
    • Insurance planning
    • Estate planning
    • Income tax planning
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Education planning
    • Charitable planning
    • Retirement Income Planning
  • Asset Management

    The only certainty in the financial markets is that they are uncertain. For most investors, this causes confusion, intimidation, and frustration when it comes to investing for the future. Our job at Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC (PFA) is to alleviate this concern and bring clarity, confidence, and purpose when it comes to your portfolio.

    Some of the options that comprise our investment portfolio include:

    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Index Funds & Mutual Funds
    • Separate Account Managers for bond portfolios and individual stock portfolios
    • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
    • Private Placement Programs in Real Estate as well as Oil& Gas Partnerships
    • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    • Private Equity & Hedge Funds
    • Annuities
  • Retirement Plan Design & Monitoring

    Plotkin Retirement Advisors is a division of Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC that is focused on helping non-profit and for-profit companies fix their broken defined contribution retirement plans. Our advisors can:

    • Assist in the design of Defined Contribution plans;
    • Analyze and review existing plans to determine fiduciary compliance;
    • Alleviate Plan Sponsor fiduciary risk through the a third-party fiduciary;
    • Improve existing plans through the use of an open architecture platform allowing for better performing, lower cost, mutual funds and exchange traded funds;
    • Advise individuals on suitable allocation based on existing investment options and risk-modeling software; and
    • Provide a financial wellness program.
  • Retirement Income Planning

    For individuals nearing retirement as well as those currently in retirement, this portion of our service differentiates anticipated income for professionals versus current income sources for retirees. If you’re wondering how to plan around translating your savings and retirement assets to income, this is an ideal solution.

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