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New Year? Get Your Taxes Ready

With the arrival of the New Year it’s time to start thinking about tax filing.  The federal government estimates that about 60% of taxpayers use paid preparers to calculate and file their returns.  It is never too early to start organizing your receipts, forms and other tax documents.  You and your tax preparer will benefit […]

Getting Started with Estate Planning

It’s never too early to start estate planning. Having a plan in place at an early age is always preferable to finding you don’t have one when you really need it. If you’re a little lost on what you should be doing first start with these few steps:   Make a Comprehensive List of All […]

Consolidating your Financial Accounts

When it comes to simplifying your personal finances consider consolidating your accounts. Consolidating your Financial Accounts Over the course of a career it is very possible for individuals to accumulate multiple checking, savings, brokerage, and retirement accounts. The likelihood for this increases as we get married, move, change jobs, etc., but it can unnecessarily impede […]

Real Estate & Your Portfolio

One recognizable allocation in the portfolios of endowments and experienced investors is that they have a percentage of their assets in real estate. Real estate investment may offer several key benefits to your portfolio, and these include:  Income – dividends, distributions, rent, etc.  Appreciation – increase in valuation Inflation Protection – assets like real estate […]

Attention Income Investors: Preferred Shares May Be Overvalued!

For yield-starved investors, preferred shares have been beneficial. The problem is many have chased yield and many preferred shares are overvalued. A careful look reveals there are many preferred shares trading in excess of their call price Lastly, many preferred share ETFs are skewed towards REITs and Financials – understand your sector exposures It’s been […]